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Traditionally modern

Kytola Instruments is modern, but at the same time traditional manufacturer and developer of measuring instruments. It is an independent family business serving all its customers with the highest integrity.

Olli Kytölä founded the company in 1945. His main goal was to manufacture high-quality and functional measuring instruments that customers can rely on. According to this guide line Kytola has sytematically and steadily grown during past decades to an internationally known company, which products are used all over the world.

The flow meter designed by Olli Kytölä in 1959 is still in use and in production. “If you design the product properly at once it will function for decades and even more”.

Where reliability is needed

Kytola Oy located in Muurame, Finland is a manufacturer and marketer of flow metering and monitoring instruments. Key applications are found in the pulp and paper, mining, steel, chemical and agricultural industries. The company is a leading manufacturer of oil lubrication and sealing water monitors.

Kytola's products are mainly designed to help detect excess consumption of water, oil, air or other mediums. We apply the most modern manufacturing methods in our production and all manufacturing by-products are always recycled according to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

Production is guided by ISO 9001:2000 quality system which covers product development, research, production, sales and marketing.

Nature and the green values - part of our ideology

Olli Kytölä, the founder of Kytola Instruments: “The development will go further and further if we continue questioning the old values. Creating something new adds to the already existing. Long-term co-operation and interaction with the customers has provided us with broader visions for the future development. For over 50 years, this ideology has proved to be valuable.”

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